Orioles Run DifferentialLast week ESPN’s Keith Law said there’s literally nothing the Baltimore Orioles can do to convince him they are a good team. This rubbed some people the wrong way in Baltimore.

I’ve seen a lot of angry tweets.

KLaw pointed to the Orioles run differential (currently -22 as I type this) as a reason that they aren’t a good team. I wrote back in August about how the O’s run differential is heavily weighed down by some major losses to the Rangers and Angels. I tweeted this find and an up and coming sports journalist named Peter Gammons (perhaps you’ve heard of him) retweeted the statistic.

If you follow BSR on Twitter, I give nightly updates of the Orioles run differential against all teams but the Angels and Rangers. If you want to do the math yourself, just add 63 to their current run differential.

As of Wednesday morning, the Birds run differential against teams not from Anaheim or Arlington is +41. Against their current opponent, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Orioles have have a +14 run differential (outscoring them 20-6) over their last five meetings.

If you’re still not buying this lame stat and thinking that the Orioles are lucky or flukey through five and a half months of the season, they haven’t lost back-to-back games since August 16-17 against the Red Sox and Tigers.