Season 1.5 – Episode 2: #PigPix, in which the Spastics gear up for a new season and a trip to spring training:

  • This episode is brought to you by the McDonald’s wifi that Chris stole

  • #PigPix …meet Ebenezer!

  • pigpix.jpg

  • All’s Well That End’s Well! The O’s look solid after all

  • Just how much do Nellie Cruz & Baldy Jimenez help?

  • Positional battle at 2nd base??? Not in our hearts.

  • An interview with Cal Renner of OBP Apparel, in which he namedrops like crazy and tells a few stories, including one about our favorite (surly?) Mr.F

  • photo1.jpgphoto (2).jpg

  • The Spastics and the Baltimore Sports Report Network rock spring training…stay tuned!

  • Hit up the Section 336 Year One Live Show if you are stuck in Maryland (suckers)

  • #ChenTweets #ChenFace #YoonTweets

  • Clothing Thoughts, sponsored by OBP Apparel and the Orioles Spastics store

  • You want this Mr. F shirsey, and now it can be yours by hitting that link right above this:Spastics shirsey Mr. F.jpg

  • (that glorious shirsey also is available in orange, and women’s sizes, so get it)

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