Orioles batting practice hats

The Baltimore Orioles are throwing back their batting practice hats to the 1970s. The new design features an orange cap with a black bill and the fan favorite cartoon bird.

The BP hat looks to be a modernized version of the Orioles’ hats worn in 1976, Reggie Jackson’s only season in Baltimore. The past three years, the Birds have worn a a black cap with the “O’s” script in orange.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the new orange hats. The BP hats haven’t appealed to me in the past, but I’ll definitely be snagging an orange one this season.


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  1. They are doing this so they do not have to buy a big bat for the middle of the lineup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this will compensate for the lack of that big bat , I see you have bought into it already , way to go Zach,,,,,they will need more friends like you this year because it will certainly be a flop without a ‘buy the bats’ promise kept………………

  2. Still hoping they ditch the O’s hats..Give me the “B” hat on the road, using the same script as in the BALTIMORE on the road jersey, use the orange panel hat with the orange jerseys and the black and orange billed hat with the black jerseys.

    • Are you kidding me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,way too much time on your hands…………….Happy New year………………

  3. You’re talking batting practice hats because nothing is going on in the personnel arena. Sad.

  4. You two are funny.

    Both are insinuating I have too much time on my hands, yet both are commenting on MY comments…

    Off season is far from over. Os have typically made their mark with fringe pick ups. Markakis should be back for a full season, Hammel’s knee problems should be in the rear view, Wada should be back from Tommy John, and the team won 93 games last year. They eliminated nearly 200 strikeouts with Andino and Reynolds gone. And, OBTW, the off season isn’t over yet.

    Who did you want, Pole? Swisher? And give up your #1 pick to the Yankees? LaRoche and give the Nats your #1 pick? Who is it that has been the BIG offseason pick up that you’re sorry the Orioles didn’t go after?

    • Big off-season pickup would be Myron Sisdan of the California Penal System (CPS). Understand he gets out in three weeks and can be ready for Spring Training. Apparently his fastball rivals Ricky Vaughn’s. You would only have to give the “CPS” a case of smokes, a couple shanks, pudding cups, and the complete DVD series of “Doogie Houser – My Life as a CrackWhore”.

    • Man , you are putting way too much hope in the O’s,,,,,,,,,,,,just like all those idiots that thought Yomama was full of hope and change and found out he was really full of shit……………..the O’s are in a sad state of affairs just like our poor country,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’

    • I would give some things up for La Roche, you can’t gain anything if your not willing to give something up. Let’s look at the numbers. Orioles were 93-69 last season. They have lost a couple pieces from the roster but have gained nothing. If you take the the 29-9 record in in one inning games and give them a .500 record which is more the norm, you are down to 83 wins. Look at the extra inning record of 16-2 putting it at a .500 and you are down to 76 wins. Now you have pitchers like Chen and Hammel who the AL teams didn’t have a lot of information or tape on but they now have a years worth to look at figure out holes. I don’t see a team that should be sitting on their behinds, they should go after a first baseman, they should go after another starting pitcher. But really it seems a little late for that now.

      • I agree with Pole,,,,,,,,,La Roche would look real good at first base especially since we are used to gold glove play at first the last part of the season,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I believe the strike-out king will be missed more than anyone thinks , he was a great clubhouse guy and 30 plus HRs is hard to replace,,,,,,LaRoche can replace both,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have to give up a number one draft choice , but it is way down the line this year , give it up Dan………………….

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