Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun reported here about the change in ticket prices for the 2011 season at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  Seems odd that after already raising prices last year, though Greg Bader of the Orioles Communications Department claims they didn’t, the team would decide to bump up costs after a season with record low attendance.  Camden Yards hit an all time low mark last year after upping fees on day of game ticket sales along with prime game prices.

I cannot fathom this decision to my wit’s end.  I went to 42 games last season, 46 in 2009, and 20 some in 2008.  I know that ballpark, box office, and seating chart better than anybody.  The prices going up for any non-prime games is just ridiculous to think about.

With the team also not listening to fans’ request to open the gates earlier to let them in for Orioles’ batting practice, this just seems like a greedy plea for more money while not improving upon the fan’s gameday experience.  Yes, the team has made some nice acquisitions, but they also claimed to have done so last year.  Just as last year went, Opening Day sold out, and then the park seemed to have died.  Does anybody else remember that the Tuesday following Opening Day on the Friday before was Matt Wieters T-shirt Tuesday, and less than 15,000 people showed up!  And the team was only 1-6 at the time…

More details about specific price differences have not been released, but Connolly did report this:

All tickets — except for the cheapest, left-field, upper reserve seats which will remain at $8 and $9 — will increase in cost for 2011, ranging from $1 to $7 extra depending on the game desired and when the tickets are purchased.

Greg Bader, the club’s director of communications, said non-prime, advance tickets will increase on average $3, which would make the average price for those tickets roughly $23.50.

I’m sticking with my season ticket plan in the left field upper reserve.  With record low attendances, who even thinks to pay for a quality ticket anymore on a regular basis?  I can understand getting some good seats if there is an occasion to celebrate or if you only go to a few games, but otherwise, fans have no reason to not purchase cheap seats and move around at their own will.

While I will continue to pay for a seat in section 386, I plan to place myself in a seat in section 86.