Orioles Trade Rumors: Carlos QuentinWhile much of the focus on the Orioles at the trade deadline has centered around adding another starting arm, the Birds have struggled at the plate with Chris Davis and Manny Machado cooling off after the All Star break. The O’s were shutout and recorded just five hits against the Red Sox on Sunday while going 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position.

As a team, the Orioles are hitting .245/.291/.401 against left handed pitching this season ranking 19th in batting average, 27th in on base percentage and 8th in slugging percentage. That last one isn’t so bad, I guess.

As Jake Peavy continues to grab headlines for the trade rumors surrounding him, the Orioles have also expressed interest in sluggers Justin Morneau, Michael Young, Michael Morse and Carlos Quentin.

Let’s start with Morneau. Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Twins have made the former MVP available and we know the O’s have expressed interest in the past. According to Zach Links of MLBTradeRumors.com, Morneau will earn about $6 million the rest of the season. Like most of the guys listed above, he would DH for the Orioles.

A number of reporters have written about how great Young would fit in Baltimore. I’m not seeing it. Against lefties he’s hitting .217/.314/.380 this season. After a red hot June, Young is hitting just .236/.333/.375 in July.

Then there’s Morse, another guy the Orioles looked into this offseason. The Mariners slugger has been out with a strained quadriceps, but is reportedly close to returning to the big leagues after rehabbing down on the farm. He hit just .251/.313/.454 with 11 homers and 23 RBI in 56 games in the first half.

Carlos Quentin could be the most interesting man in the world on the list. He’s signed through 2015 for roughly $24 million, so he’d cost Baltimore more in prospects, but he’s hitting .276/.336/.500 with 13 homers in 80 games this season. He’s also hitting .282/.378/.493 against left handed pitching.

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  1. Quentin would be the most help with O’s bad performances against lefties this season. We should just make a trade to “make a trade”. Young could be on his way back to Texas so his asking price would be higher than it should be. It’s gonna be a very interesting 3 days.

  2. Morneau is a gold-glove winning first-baseman. I think he’d play first…

  3. Admittedly these type stories make for nice headlines especially after the O’s laid an egg against the Sox this weekend, but honestly I see them making another deal but not for any of the names mentioned. Come on DD and Peter prove me wrong?

  4. I take that back. I swore he won a gold glove.

  5. Looking for bats and they really need a quality arm,,,,,,,,,,,you saw what quality pitching does for you the past three days , that’s an indication of what happens in a short series , if you get there………………….

  6. Spy is correct, we need to address the piss poor starting pitching before we worry about bats.

  7. Spy/JarJar, you must be watching fantasy island- O’s have lost five of the last six games and scored a grand total of nine runs…hey boss, look de plane.

    • Dear Willo , they didn’t score many runs because they were up against quality pitching,,,,,,,please pay attention…………….

  8. There are three good arms in this rotation (Chen, Gonzalez, Tillman). Hammel has cemented his status as a .5 year wonder, and Feldman isn’t good enough to stick in a rotation in the American League. Baltimore can’t compete with a good rotation (Boston) let alone a great one (Tampa). Somehow talking the White Sox into a Peavy trade would go a long way towards stabilizing the rotation.

    • Finally a man who gets it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,although I think Gonzo is eratic , Chen and Tillman look legitimate towards a quality rotation , problem is , it’s pretty late in the year to be second guessing your rotation when you have to go against rotations like Tampa,,,,,,,,,my goodness Tampa’s rotation is good enough to win a world series by itself , maybe……it sure does appear that way , I’m jealous plenty………………

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