Is Michael Young about to make the trek down I-95 to Camden Yards?:

Michael YoungAccording to several sources (@JeffPassan) in the City of Brotherly Love, third base prospect Cody Asche is being recalled today for the Phillies. That would lead most educated baseball fans to the conclusion that Michael Young has or is in the process of being traded. As it turns out according to @KenRosenthal, Young has an iron clad no-trade clause that ONLY excludes his former team the Rangers. That being said, it doesn’t look like the Rangers want him back and the Phils are desperate to move him so Asche can play everyday. Teams that I feel Young would waive his no trade for are the Orioles, Yankees and Red Sox. I don’t see him going to a National League team because his best value is as a right handed DH and spot infield guy.

“Stud” Bud Norris is been scratched from his start tonight at Camden Yards vs. the Orioles:

Don’t get too hyped Orioles nation. Norris is probably heading west on I-70 to Pittsburgh in a package built around hard throwing 6’7″ RHP Tyler Glasnow, among other Pirates prospects. If not there, the RedSox are still looking to add someone, but according to Peter Gammons (@pgammo) the BoSox won’t move stud prospect Xander Bogaerts for anyone (including Cliff Lee). That leaves teams like the Orioles (don’t think that happening) and the DBacks are possible landing spots for Stud Bud.

Time for the Orioles to beat up on some lesser teams over the next 17 games:

And with all this trade “activity” heating up, don’t forget your Orioles start a HUGE 17 game stretch in which I think they need to go no worse than 12-5 or 11-6 and here’s why.

Now that Norris has been scratched/traded, the Orioles should be in good position to take at least 5 of 6 this week vs. the Lastros and M’s. Especially since they miss both King Felix and Iwakuma in the M’s series. And don’t bring up that bum Erik Bedard either.

Then Sunday afternoon its a 5.5 hour flight to my homeland, San Diego, to begin a mini two game series with the reeling Pads. After that it’s a short flight up to take on the punting Giants in the best ballpark this side of Camden Yards. After that, a quick flight to Arizona to take on an average, but slumping D’Backs squad for 3 before returning to the Yards to take on the Rockies in two weeks. See what I’m saying?

This 17 game stretch could be a defining one either way. Go .500 during this stretch and the never losing Rays will have the AL East division all but clinched before the Ravens even play their first game. But a 12-5 or even 13-4 stretch could push that Ravens opener to the back burner for even the die hard purple kool aid drinkers… Time will only tell..

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  1. Yea , beat up on the little guys , the bully’s used to do that in high school but sometimes the little guys got the best of the so called bully,,,,,,,,,,watch out O’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • By the way MM,,,,,,,,I heard on the radio today Chris Davis is taking an over the counter supplement called CMO,,,,,,never heard of it , it is supposed to help with strength , I hope he got it approved by MLB……………….

  2. As MGW would say,,,,,,,Red Sox got the top starter on the trade market keeping him away from the 3rd place Orioles,,,,,,,,,,,,Have you played tummy sticks with Chowman Nick,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • This is not the real spy , the dots are not placed properly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I rarely get personal in my comments like this idiot did…………..

  3. This one could sting. Peavy has been a stud in his career, aside from the injuries.

    • Agree with MGW on this one , I have always liked Peavy even though his numbers are down a bit this year he has the ability to reach back and be really really tough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Not a fan of Peavy. More worried about the BSox getting Lee or even Stanton.

    • Jabby , Peavy has the ability to be a difference maker , this one bothers me a good bit , I think it’s wild card or bust now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. IF the Birds do not make a move to counter Peavy, I fear the hometown is playing for the wild card spots. The one or done is not the way that I hoped they go. DD if you are listening, flip the switch to improve your 2013 squad. The window of opportunity to taste success in professional sports is small, so act now and act quickly and not on some bum like Saunders.

  6. Baltimore can and needs to do better than jason hammell. Jus sayin. Lets get norris for a few relievers or outfield prospects

  7. Norris is still in the mix as of 2pm EST. Source inside the warehouse text me..

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