Baltimore Orioles uniform redesign

For the first time in years, I’m really happy with the Orioles uniforms. The cartoon bird is iconic and is a perfect fit for this franchise. Adding the Baltimore script to the road jerseys was long overdue.

I’m not a huge fan of the O’s hat, but I can live with it. The Friday night black jersey thing is cool and who doesn’t love the orange unis?

Baltimore based Keith Kellner of Kellner Design decided to rebrand the Orioles script and cartoon bird with a more refreshed look. Here’s how he describes his rebrand:

For the majority of the uniform I’ve only made modest changes utilizing my redesigned Orioles script, Cartoon Bird cap, black lettering for player names and a tricolor piping detail, a thinner version of the piping that appeared on the uniforms during the 70’s and 80’s. The big change is the black alternate uniform which I’m calling the the O’s alternate. This alternate now features the O’s word mark on the left side of the jersey along with simple orange piping. Now that the O’s mark appears on the jersey it seemed redundant to have it on the cap as well so the away cap with the Cartoon Bird replaces the O’s cap in this scheme. I thought it would be fun to include the Walsh Swinging Bird arm patch on the jersey to highlight this new kinship between the Cartoon Bird and the Walsh Birds.

Check out a full detailed look at Kellner’s rebrand over on his website.

What do you think of his updates to the O’s uniforms?