Earl Weaver - Baltimore Orioles manager

There’s always been something charming about baseball on the radio. As much as I love watching the Orioles on TV, I enjoy hearing Joe and Fred do their thing (on FM this season!) on the radio equally. Their first broadcast from Spring Training becomes a turning point in my year, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel that represents the hope of a miserable winter finally nearing its conclusion.

While we prepare for that first exciting O’s radio broadcast from warm, sunny and beautiful (who else is jealous?) Sarasota Florida, here’s a great way to get you ready for baseball season in the meantime. On May 27, 1981, Earl Weaver‘s O’s took three straight games from the New York Yankees after securing the finale on a walkoff RBI single from the King of Swing, Terry Crowley.

Thanks to Glenn Christopher of VintageOrioles.blogspot.com, you can listen to the last 17 minutes of Bill O’Donnell’s awesome broadcast:

With George Steinbrenner watching at Memorial Stadium, the O’s completed the sweep against New York. Jim Palmer threw a complete game in first contest, while Crowley drove in four in game two.