You might have read the headline and thought, “Yeah, of course.” But, I’ve ignored the Orioles record since the All Star Break and even wrote on Monday that their last month of the season is their most meaningful September in over a decade.

Well, I’ve got some bad news folks. Last night during the game broadcast, the O’s announced that Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman will pitch the remainder of the season out of the bullpen. Today, Peter Schmuck wrote that he believes that’s bad news for manager Dave Trembley.

It gets worse.

Roch Kubatko is reporting that Adam Jones might be done for the season. Jones has had nagging injuries over the past few months. The most recent was a back strain in last night’s 9-6 loss to the Yankees.

“I couldn’t tell you when or if he’ll come back,” Trembley told the media. Adam Jones talked to the media today and entered the room with crutches. “It’s a tough injury, but to me, I see myself playing. It’s a matter of when. It’s a joint. You really can’t determine when.”

I was really hoping the O’s would catch the Blue Jays this season. But things are looking terrible now in Charm City.