Evgeny Kuznetsov has 4 assists in his last two games, both wins for the Washington Capitals. Captain and roommate Alex Ovechkin continues to make him do silly things. In an Instagram picture, Ovechkin said that he and fellow Russian Dmitry Orlov got dinner for free. How’d they swing that? They made Evgeny Kuznetsov pay of course! This came just a day after Ovechkin made poor Kuznetsov drive him to work!

Couple of things to point out…

  1. Why’s Orlov (left) drinking a Bud Light? He loses cool points for that.
  2. Apparently the three guys like shrimp. A lot.
  3. Orlov sort of has a pedo-stache going.

The Ovechkin-Kuznetsov partnership is going quite well. I expect a sitcom soon. Orlov can even be in it too. I’ve got the perfect name for it: We Three Russians!