During intermission of Monday’s loss to the Rangers, Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin told Bob Harwood of Versus that Washington’s offense plays too cute at times, which causes them to miss scoring chances.

“I think our line just tries to play too cute,” Ovechkin said. “We have a chance to shoot, we didn’t shoot,” he said. Ovie took six shots on goal and had three takeaways in Monday’s game, but was score. He also missed his penalty shot.

Despite the loss, a number of people including Caps coach Bruce Boudreau seem to think Ovechkin is on the way out of his recent slump. Katie Carrera of Capitals Insider talked to Boudreau on Tuesday.

“To me his speed has increased recently,” Coach Bruce Boudreau said. “His puck handling has increased, he’s gotten a little bit better. Again [Monday] he had, I thought, two really good chances to score. Sometimes you get them, some years they’re all going in and some years they’re not going in. He’s fighting for every goal he can get this year.”

For Ovechkin, he feels the same. “You guys said I’m back and like old Ovie,” he said. “I feel like normal.”