The dope's open the show talking-what else-SNOW. Yes, SportsYack recounts his encounter with a Rob Deer in his yard, while The Rich Turpin recounts his "interaction" with a "hefty" neighbor about where he supposed to shovel his snow. That hack Jab chimes in with his Robin Hood type snow blowing prowess for his neighbors. They do recap the AFC and NFC Championship games and finish the program with a Yack rant about Kirk Cousin's Pro Bowl snub and some movie reviews.

What The Puck

On this week’s episode we discuss the historic blizzard that shut down DC, Baltimore, and all surrounding areas. We wonder if the games missed are a good thing or a bad thing. The Caps make history and have the best start in NHL history.


Since coming out of LSU in 2012, Kevin Gausman has been one of the more interesting Orioles pitching prospects. To me, he has been more likely to succeed than his contemporaries, Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey, as I could see Gausman's development hitting a fork in the road, and he dominates in either development path. He throws hard, which could translate to a dominant starter, i.e. a right-handed, shorter Randy Johnson, or a flame-throwing reliever, your poor man's Aroldis Chapman. After seeing some of his performances in the 2015 season, digesting them, thinking about them and how they are going to translate into the 2016 season, I believe he can be at least a mid-range starter this year, and with time, develop into a top of the line starter.


SNOW! The dope's start the show riffing about how people make snow event's all about themselves on social media; while Sportsyack informs the masses about his bathroom habits-it's a must listen open. When potty talk ends, the trio recaps the Divisional Weekend and the bad beats degen's took on the Zona/GB ending. That leads into their hot take's on the…


Today on ZardCast, CT, Duncan and Dave convene to discuss the tail end of a Washington Wizards win streak, a tough loss to the Boston Celtics and a drubbing by the Portland Trailblazers. Plus: Future celebrity guests, the ZardCast unbeaten streak at Verizon Center is busted, CT goes to Bullets Forever night, Alan Anderson’s excellent beard and style, Eastern Conference…

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What are the odds that the Orioles finish above .500 in 2016? Can Chris Davis hit the warehouse in the next seven years? Will the O's sign Manny Machado long-term? The BSR panel breaks it down on odds makers.