Friday, February 27, 2015

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What The Puck

On this week’s episode we discuss where the Caps may have been during the recent Penguins game.  PLUS we discuss possible trades before the...
Greg Zaun - Baltimore Orioles

Jake and Scott from Birds Eye View break down hazing in sports with Charlie Hoppes and discuss Greg Zaun's comments about being hazed by Cal Ripken.

Some colleagues were discussing their favorite players from their childhood, when I started wondering: who is my least favorite member of the Orioles from 1998-2011? This...

By now you’ve definitely seen it. Not only did Maryland upset Wisconsin, but the students brought back the flash mob in an epic fashion on Wednesday night.

So it was foolish to think that #TheNickMarkakisWatch was over, eh?
Nick Markakis - Baltimore Orioles

Nick Markakis arrived at Atlanta Braves camp on Wednesday and spoke more openly than I ever heard him speak in his nine years in Baltimore.

Jab and Zach discuss the Orioles finally signing Evereth Cabrera, talk about Chris Davis getting a therapeutic-use exemption for Vyvanse and break down Manny Machado's comments on ESPN.
Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles

According to Ken Rosenthal of, Chris Davis received a Therapeutic-Use Exemption for Vyvanse, instead of the Adderall, which he was suspended for at the end of last season.

The Nelson Cruz Franchise Report considers the legacies of Tom Brady and Craig Biggio. Mike Petriello (Fangraphs, Mike Sciosia's Tragic Illness) joins us to talk...