What The Puck

On this episode of What The Puck, we welcome the boys back from Western Canada. We discuss the defense and whether Orlov is still showing some rink rust. We also talk about Philipp Grubauer’s first start as well. Then we also talk about the Caps Penguins game, pulling Holtby, scoring and immediately letting the Pens score as well.


Sportsyack, Rich Turpin and Jabby Burns open the latest show talking about the recent cancellation of ESPN 980 "ManCave" show after just 7 months. 'Yack chimes in with some great thoughts about the absurd dinner bill that the Redskins defensive rookies had to pick up for the vets. The boys also discuss how far the Ravens have fallen and how the Redskins need to stick with Kirk Cousins for the rest of the year. They close the show with their "locks of the week" (23-13 ATS going into week 8). Give it a listen and tell a friend.


After their sixth loss of the season, Jab and Zach try to look in the bright side and discuss the fight the Ravens showed in the fourth quarter of their 26-18 loss to the Cardinals. They break down the latest injuries and talk about what went wrong in Arizona.


Leading Off It's the offseason. Well, not exactly... baseball is still being played. It's the playoffs still for two teams, and the offseason for everyone else. It's Playoffs Purgatory. Here in Baltimore, the Worley Birds get the worm. Oh dear, we need something to happen. With puns like that, we're going to need to check in with the Drink of the…


Sportsyack, Rich and Jabby are back after a 2-week vacation-5 weeks can be so rough in the podcast world. This week the three dope's open on a tired, but relevant discussion about what else, the Redskins QB situation. And why certain shock jock sports DJ in the District thinks Colt McCoy is the answer.