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I searched and searched and searched for anything to make Baltimore feel better on a sad Monday after a bad Ravens loss.  Here’s what I’ve got.

The Indianapolis Colts are 0-2 after losing to the Browns in week two and their fan base is losing its mind.  Colts fans are calling for Jim Caldwell’s replacement, calling Peyton Manning’s extension a rip off with his injury and writing off the season on September 19.

The message boards at the Indianapolis Star are hilarious.  They’re exactly what a sad Ravens fan needs to see after the pounding Baltimore took in Tennessee.

On Peyton Manning’s $23 million contract extension

Laffyisanidiot wrote: “$23M wasted and 19% of the entire salary going to Capt. Forehead who won’t play a down this season. Way to take one for the team.”

Captain Forehead, now that’s a good one.  Manning did take the team for a ride with that new contract, but I can’t believe he wasn’t asked to take a physical before signing.

On the Colts going 0-16

ZeroCool3000 wrote: Naw, they’ll win more than one. Granted this game should have been a win, but Kerry is still off on his timing, and the defense, well what can be said about our defence…nothing nice that I know of. But when Kerry starts getting things sharp, we’ll be OK.

I feel good about the Colts defence too.  This guy isn’t expecting Kerry Collins to get sharp is he?

On being a diehard Colts fan

Angelbear135 wrote: I agree….I am a Colts fan ALWAYS from Baltimore days.
But I did “dust off” the bag I wore on my head for so many years before Peyton came. And I am putting it on right now.

From the Baltimore days? Really?

If we’ve got to suffer on week two, at least we can look to Indianapolis and laugh.