My how the tables have turned.

The Boston Red Sox entered 2011 as the favorite to win the American League and were destined to face the Phillies in the World Series.  That obviously didn’t happen as the Baltimore Orioles bounced them from postseason contention in the biggest collapse in baseball history.

Since then things have spiraled out of control in Boston.  A new manager and GM have taken over, a locker room scandal has been the talk of the offseason and the Red Sox find themselves sitting in last place in the AL East, 7.5 games back from the first place Rays and Orioles.

Last night at Fenway Park a new low was reached as a fan was spotted behind home plate wearing a bag on his head.  The #paperbagman hashtag exploded on Twitter and became the talk of the night in Boston.

Boston fell to Cleveland 8-3 and Josh Beckett pitched just 2.1 innings surrendering seven hits and seven earned runs.