Pedro StropFormer Orioles reliever Pedro Strop pitched a perfect ninth inning for the Cubs in their 7-2 victory over the Angels on Tuesday night. Much to my surprise, Strop has been incredibly effective since being dealt to Chicago along with Jake Arrieta in a deal that brought Scott Feldman to Baltimore.

Strop has thrown four scoreless innings over four outings with the Cubs, Tuesday he surrendered his first hit. He’s walked just one batter and struck out three.

Strop left Baltimore with a 7.25 ERA, he allowed 11 earned runs over his last 8.1 innings pitched with the Orioles and opponents were hitting .368/.467/.711 against him during that span. A change of scenery has been just what the doctor ordered for the flame throwing righty.

Meanwhile, Arrieta has struggled with the Triple-A Iowa Cubs in the Pacific Coast League. On Tuesday, he surrendered seven runs, three earned on ten hits over 3.2 innings pitched. He gave up one run in one inning in his first start on July 5.

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  1. I really like Strop and wish him success in Chicago. There’s no tougher division in all of sports than the AL East and Pedro learned that through his time here. Best of luck to Pete.

    • Yep. He knows how to pitch, just for whatever reason he lost it for us. I think it was a combination of being tired at the end of last season (I’m pretty sure he pitched a lot more than his season high innings last year) which made him lose confidence, and then pitching in the AL East.

      I hope he continues to pitch just like this for the Cubs mainly because I like the guy, but also because I think it’s funny to stick it to the “crooked hat” whiners.

  2. I was sorry to see Pedro go as well,,,,,,,,,,,,,I really don’t know if the O’s gave up on him too early , time will tell………………………….

    • Maybe they did give up on him too early but for whatever reason he didn’t seem to be able to correct himself here. Good luck Pedro, hopefully Feldman can take his game up a notch and get a win.

    • Their hands were kind of tied since he didn’t have any options and we’re trying to carry McFarland all year. Plus, JJ has been struggling. They needed to make room in the bullpen and he was the most expendable I guess. If any of those three things were different they may have been able to hold on to him.

  3. 4 scoreless innings in downright nasty. Who writes this blog, HVAC or 286. FREDTERP

    • When he typically pitches only 1 inning, that would be four appearances. In that they just traded him 10 days ago, four appearances would be a lot.

      I see you’re a big baseball fan FREDTERP.

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