Another player is unhappy. What else is new? People are suggesting that he come to the Ravens. Once again, what else is new? This time the unhappy player is Percy Harvin and Twitter is full of people suggesting that Ozzie try to trade for him. I’m sure if I was on local Sports Talk Radio, I would be hearing the same thing.

Here’s the thing, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

1) The Ravens have too many receivers. They have the possession receiver in Boldin. They have the stretch the field guy in Torrey Smith. They have legitimate 3rd receiver options in Jacoby Jones.

2) The Ravens are strapped for cash. They still have yet to sign Flacco and Rice to long term deals. They don’t have much in salary cap space. Percy Harvin will want money and lots of it.

3) Who or what would the Ravens trade? I can look up and down the roster and not think of players that would provide value in a train that wouldn’t cripple other positions. And is Percy worth a high draft pick(s)?

Give me a reason how the Ravens make this trade and why.