Peyton Manning hates cold weather even more than your grandparents do. If it were up to him, he’d be soaking up the rays at Del Boca Vista and hitting the early bird specials at Golden Corall with his other old friends. The MVP candidate spent 14 year playing at least 8 games a season in a dome and is now faced with the challenge of winning a home playoff game in the polar conditions of Denver.

According to a poster in the Russell Street Report forums, Manning is 0-3 in postseason games below 40 degrees. He’s 64-120 with 612 yards, one touchdown and 7 interceptions in those losses. Manning’s Colts fell 41-0 to the Jets and 24-14 and 20-3 to the Patriots.

Saturday’s high in Denver is 22 degrees. For those who are bad at math (myself included), that’s 18 degrees below 40.

In these conditions, the Ravens will be forced to keep the ball on the ground and utilize Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. In their match up against the Broncos in week 15, Rice only touched the ball just 12 times for 38 yards. He should get at least twice as many carries on Saturday.

Of course, this also means an even heavier workload for Knowshon Moreno, who rushed for 115 yards and a touchdown against Baltimore. They’ll have to find a way to contain the Broncos on offense — or just keep them off the field.


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  1. Manning own the Ravens, and next Saturday he will pluck them, and leave them toasted, roasted, and served with a big slice of buh bye pie.

  2. Come on MGW… Cut the guy some slack… Obviously he doesn’t know geography as he names himself Deepwater805 but lives in a landlocked state…

  3. Manning won’t be plucking anything! His hands will be too cold, and his ass will be sitting under a blanket wishing he was playing in a dome!

    • Good one Michele…. He’s done pretty well without his dome this year. Thanks for trying though.

  4. If Kruger continues to show up and Rice shows up for a change, it could be very interesting , providing Joe has a decent game………………..

    • sounds like a lot of if’s to me…………’s another one for ya………….if egomaniac chicken dancer doesn’t get burned by Manning to many times.

    • So basically, if the Ravens do something they have yet to do this year, you’ll have a chance to win the game? Ok, sounds good

  5. You guys go ahead and keep hoping that the cold weather is going to affect Manning some how.He’s been practicing and playing in it all yr and hasn’t done too bad.Heres some #’s to stew on.

    Approx.300 plus ypg,3 td’s game,30 pts game all while playing in that dreaded cold weather you guys keep putting your hopes on,desperate are we.

    And try breathing at high altitude in that cold air,hope there’s enough oxygen mask for em to go around cause their gonna be sucking on em the whole game.

  6. Oh the old cold weather stat… If that’s what the pigeons are hanging their hopes on, it’s even worse than I thought out there in Baltimore.

    Broncos 31 – Ravens 10

  7. Actually not hanging our hat on the cold weather but more-so Mannings choking in playoff games… Your so-called greatest QB of all time and Broncos Savior has 1 Super Bowl victory? So do Trent Dilfer, Doug Williams, Jim McMahon, and Brad Johnson…

    • Choking early in his career. Ravens are 6-4 in the playoffs with 0 Super Bowls the past 5 years. Manning is 6-4 in the playoffs with 1 Super Bowl in the past 5 years. Who’s REALLY the ones that choke?

    • Don’t forget that the all time leader in all major passing stats (Brett Favre) only won 1 Super Bowl. Peyton Manning has won 9 straight games against the Ravens (including 2 playoff games). I am not sure Peyton Manning and the Broncos will win the Super Bowl, but I just can’t see the Ravens winning this game.

      Denver 27 Baltimore 17

  8. Come on guys. The broncos haven’t had a real team since the mid to late 90’s. Let them be happy at least until 7:30 PM EST.

  9. Ravens are 5-4 all time vs Broncos and the Titans were considered the best team in the League that year. They stole the Ravens offensive play book and they still beat the titans. Eerily similar…

  10. Peyton is a great QB . But as a Ravens fan im glad its gonna be cold as hell . I want his as hitting that frozen field hard and frequently. Gomer isnt going to New England Ray is.

    • You’re right, New England is coming to “Gomer”, as “Gomer” has the #1 seed. Nice try, though!

  11. Mannings neck will never be the same after this game,,,,,,wait till he gets a few cold hits Saturday,,,,,,who did you say your backup was…………………..

    • Yeah, the least sacked QB of all time against an average, aging, gimpy pass rush. Maybe you guys should be scared of the best pass rushing defense in the NFL. That’s not hyperbole either. Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil are going to eat your tackles for lunch and be in Flunko’s face all day long.

  12. Sorry pigeon fans… Your offense is feast or famine. They rely on the big play WAY too much and the defense you’re going up against is the BEST defense in the NFL against the big play. Not a good matchup for you.

  13. What Von Manning is failing to remember (as I live in Denver) is that it has been a really mild winter and Manning hasn’t had to play in the Bitter cold very often. Perhaps 2 games?

  14. The Broncos haven’t done squat since Elway retired (tried to do something last year with Tebow but that didn’t work out), and now because they got Manning in that weak division, they’re walking round beating their chests and making all this noise. You lost to “good” teams with winning records (Texans, Patriots, Falcons), and inflated your record with the victories over the losers (teams with losing records). We loss because our defense & offense has been riddled with injuries all season…but even so we still are the AFC champs, and still made it to the Play-offs. We’re not 100% but still got enough left in da tank to take care of you guys! Cold weather? It doesn’t really matter to us, it just helps level the playing field to account for the high altitude and the long flight over there, that’s all…so don’t get it twisted!! Bunch of hillbillies living upn in da mountains…trying to talk smack!

  15. […] to be cold today in Denver. That’s not Peyton’s style. He’s 0-3 in the playoffs when the weather is below 40 degrees. The whole Ray Lewis factor too makes me believe this game will be close. Ray […]

  16. Zachary Wilt wrote: “If it were up to [Manning], he’d be soaking up the rays in Del Boca Vista…”

    Of course, it is up to him and he chose to play for the Broncos.

  17. Where are all the Denver fans ? I guess they over slept,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what goes around comes around,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that goofy guy Elway got a dose of Baltimore he chose to ignore when he was drafted,,,,,,,welcome to Baltimore football Elway……………………

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