UPDATE: Even More Spoilers!

Moments ago, team USA won gold in the 4×200 meter relay.  Baltimore native Michael Phelps finished the final leg of the race and with the victory he became the most decorated Olympian of all time.


If you’re planning on watching Michael Phelps race in the 200 meter fly tonight, I apologize for ruining it — actually I don’t apologize, it’s NBC’s fault for tape delaying the event.

The Baltimore native finished .05 seconds behind the first place Chad Le Clos of Russia to win the silver medal.  I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the race yet (I’ll watch it tonight), but Sports Illusrated reports that Phelps “flipped away his cap in disgust, having blown the race with a blunder at the end.”

The Russian Le Clos finished in 1 minute, 52.96 seconds while Phelps finished in 1:53.01.

“Phelps hung on the lane rope and buried his face in his hands, disgusted with himself for having squandered another chance to win his first gold of the London Games.”

But cheer up.  With that finish, Phelps has 18 Olympic medals and ties Larisa Latynina’s record for most all time.