UPDATE: WTAE’s sports guy John Meyer tweeted back at BSR and said he held up his end of the bet. “I wore purple pin stripes on Monday,” Meyer tweeted.  As the picture below shows, you can’t see any purple at all. You can tweet to John Meyer and ask him to pay up @JOHN4MEYER and keep sending your emails!

Those crazy folks over at WBAL laid on the smack talk with WTAE in Pittsburgh and forced their morning show to wear purple after the Ravens beat the Steelers in week nine.  Of the three reporters, news anchor Wendy Bell wore a purple blouse, Kelly Frey a black blouse and John Meyer, the sports guy not the whiny singer, wore a suit with what he called “purple pinstripes.”  I didn’t see them.

Click to watch WTAE's reaction to losing the bet

“It’s been a little bit of a somber morning in here,” Frey said.  Too bad, you lost now pay up.  You can’t tell a bookie you’re feeling somber, he’ll bust your knee caps.

“We should have made them eat their terrible towels,” WBAL’s Stan Stovall said.  “So that guy was supposed to wearing purple,” sports anchor Pete Gilbert asked.  “He wasn’t playing along,” Stovall said.

I’ve taken the liberty of sending WTAE a friendly email asking them to truly pay up.  You can shoot them a message here.  If you’d like to copy and paste our generic message, here it is:

It has come to my attention that the WTAE morning show lost a bet on the Steelers losing to the Ravens on Sunday to WBAL in Baltimore and failed to pay up. While Wendy Bell wore a purple, John Meyer laughed at the bet and didn’t take it seriously. We Ravens fans kindly ask that your news team acknowledge the bet, I assure you that the good folks at WBAL would have.

Ravens Fans