Happiest of Fridays to you, BSR readers.  You are cordially invited to BSR’s first-ever official fantasy football league.  Weee!  This is your chance to compete against myself, other BSR luminaries and readers, and win…something.  We’re not totally sure yet, but it will probably be a mishmash of prizes and perhaps I’ll just let you write my column one week.  That’s probably a bad idea.  Zach will come up with something for you, in addition to the satisfaction of putting me in my place.

How do you join?  Well, you go here.  Then, you show up on Tuesday, September 6th at 10 p.m. for our live online draft.  No fantasy experience is necessary.  The first 11 people to enter will be in.  If the league fills up but you still want to get in, shoot me an email at baltimorecaps@gmail.com and I’ll keep you on the waiting list for when someone inevitably backs out.

I’ll be highlighting the league in my little space here from time to time, so we’ll get to meet some of the loonies who join this thing and scrutinize their questionable fantasy decisions.

(Get it?  It’s a wizard.  Fantasy.  He’s doing kind of a touchdown thing, isn’t he?)