In a recent player’s poll done by Sports Illustrated, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez ran away with the title of most overrated player in the game as voted on by 185 of his peers.

A-Rod took 18 percent of the vote, while teammates Joba Chamberlain took 12 percent and Derek Jeter took 7 percent.

When asked to comment, Rodriguez and Chamberlain were playful in their responses. “I will say this — if this is the only thing we’re talking about, we’re doing good,” Rodriguez said according to Wallace Matthews of  “I’m in good company, dammit,” Chamberlain said.

Jeter, however, wasn’t a big fan of the poll.  “We’re doing this again? I’ve got no comment on their anonymous polls,” he said.  “So there you have it. Got it? All right.’’

Lighten up dude.