Tonight I had the opportunity to go to Post Sports Live at Hill Country BBQ Market in DC. At the show,they had a panel discussion featuring Washington Capitals defenseman Steve Oleksy, contributing NHL writer to the Washington Post and ESPN Neil Greenberg, hockey editor of the Washington Post Lindsay Applebaum, and Post Sports Live host Jonathan Forsythe. Here are some quotes from Steve Oleksy:

Steve Oleksy on who he thinks is the toughest player to play against:

“Sidney Crosby definitely comes to mind. You have to know where he is on the ice at all times, and even when you know where he is, he’ll still beat you. John Tavares is very tough to play against as well. He can  do it all.”

On the impact that Capitals fans have on the game:

“The fans in DC definitely have an impact on the game… When they play Unleash The Fury there’s not one time it doesn’t give me chills down my back.”

On hazing and bullying in the NHL:

“Hasn’t been an issue at all in the NHL. I think it has to do with the fact that veteran players made it a point to get rid of that stuff.”

On his personal rituals/superstitions:

“I brush my teeth before every warm up. You gotta take care of them, you never know when you might lose them.” 

Probably the quote of the night. Definitely made me laugh.

When asked how superstitious Braden Holtby is (note: Braden is pretty superstitious if you ask me)

“Eh…. Braden’s actually pretty normal… for a goalie. Holts isn’t that bad.”

On his favorite hockey movie:

“It has to be Slapshot. Makes me laugh every time I watch it.”

His opinion on fighting in the NHL:

“It’s necessary. It helps protect players from dangerous, fearless play. Sometimes, you have to stand up for your teammates.”

As you can tell, Oleksy is a quote machine and has a lot of great insight into the game of hockey. Quickly becoming one of my favorite Capitals because of that.

P.S. If you ever go to Hill Country BBQ Market, get the Brisket Moist. You will not be disappointed. It’s delicious. Their Longhorn Cheddar Mac And Cheese and Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash are also extremely good. Expensive, but worth it. Oh, and get their sweet tea. Comes in a mason jar.