During yesterday’s 37-13 win over the Carolina Panthers, Derrick Mason was apparently unhappy with Joe Flacco’s play in the second half. According to Mike Preston of Ravens Insider things got pretty heated not only on the sideline, but on the field as well.

Mason apparently was unhappy about Flacco not releasing a potential pass to him fast enough, and got in Flacco’s face on the sideline, which spilled over onto the field. The two players had to be separated by other players, and later offensive coordinator Cam Cameron became the mediator. For some, it was a strange confrontation between the two, but Mason has been known to erupt other times during games.

Right before the half, Mason became irritated with Cameron about the Ravens not having a fast enough pace, and he exchanged a few words with Cameron.

Whoa. What do you think of the exchange between the two?

UPDATE: Mike Preston appeared on the Bruce Cunningham Show this afternoon and he expanded on his blog post saying, someone actually said that Derrick Mason “grabbed Joe by the face mask.”

UPDATE 2: In his Monday press conference John Harbaugh addressed the topic by saying that he’s “not too concerned about it.”  Harbaugh did say he talked to Derrick Mason and Joe Flacco during and after the game to see if they are back on the same page.