Maryland plays a renewed Clemson team, now headed by Brad Brownell of Wright State. Clemson and Maryland have had their battles over the past ten years with the Terps holding a slight 9 – 7 advantage. Clemson and Oliver Purnell have always been that team that has given Gary fits. Hope fully Maryland can avoid a three game losing streak and pull out a quality conference win today.

After last game, look to see Gary shuffle the starting lineup again as the Tucker and Howard starting guards didn’t quite cut it. Maryland looked flat-footed, their shots were flat and they allowed a Tech team to run all over them. I would expect Gary to go back to the Stoglin and Bowie in the starting five.

The Terps need to start strong inside as well by getting Williams the ball. They didn’t look to that first last week and the tone was set by the Hokies as they jumped to a 12 point lead in the first 5 minutes. Williams seems to be the only true threat the Terps have and they need to take advantage of it. Even if he’s shooting 50 percent from the line, get him the ball and control the game.

Finally, defense. Part of the reason the Terps were blown out by Tech is they gave up 53 percent shooting. Maryland needs to get back to holding teams around the 30 – 35 percent range. That’s still a decent percentage for most teams, but at that point, the Terps will be in the game. Clemson shoots about 45 percent from the field and if the Terps allow that at home today, then they’ll have a hard time coming away with a win. Go Terps!