I shouldn’t be disappointed. I should look on the bright side. I should’ve expected this. But I really wanted a Monday Night win and some change and I didn’t get either.

I hate the Prime-Time Ravens. They’re a team full of big egos but not big numbers in the win column. You start getting a few cameras around a Ray Lewis starts preaching and John Harbaugh gets cocky enough to say that the Ravens are gonna start a dynasty.

Let’s start with a prime time win, shall we?

I’ve heard all about the change. All about the new offense and the discipline. All about a team that’s in shape and ready to rise to the occasion as the under appreciated underdogs. I hear a lot of things. If I were a blind man I might believe the ’08 Ravens are different.

But I see stupid penalties. I see Jarret Johnson getting a game changing personal foul. I see a lot of running with our self proclaimed “Top 5 Running Back.” I see a few deep passes.

What’s the difference? Joe Flacco. Or Joe Cool as I’m gonna call him. We’ve got a QB who trips over his feet the first snap on Monday Night Football, but keeps a level head the rest of the game. A guy who scrambled from one side of the field to another for fourteen seconds to find an open receiver. No Joe Cool didn’t walk away victorious on Monday Night, but he was a 7 1/2 point under dog at one point.

Don’t tell me that fundamentally the 2008 Ravens are different. A few new faces maybe. But this is the same undisciplined, defensive driven, running Ravens that I’ve seen for 13 years.