In an article highlighting the NFL’s most overrated and underrated players in the game, Pete Prisco of awarded the honor of most-overrated to Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Prisco says that Polamalu is an NFL darling, but that he can’t cover in a league that has been converted to a cover game. He added that Polamalu has an “aggressive style” that is picked apart by “good teams and smart quarterbacks.”

They say Polamalu had a groin issue in the playoffs, but if you’re on the field, you’re healthy enough to take the heat. And haven’t injuries been an issue for him the past five seasons? He has played 16 games only once in five years.

That has to mean something in the rating game, doesn’t it?

He’s good. I just don’t think he’s great. That makes him overrated. I bet even some Steelers fans would concur after the playoffs.

“He’s a good player. He’s just not great,” Prisco writes. Well, I guess that settles the Reed versus Polamalu debate.

The Ravens overrated player in this list was Anquan Boldin and their underrated player was Josh Wilson.