The Ravens fell in pathetic fashion in front of a national crowd, 27-14 to the Green Bay Packers. Here are my thoughts on the latest loss.

  • Not a playoff team – I know that mathematically the Ravens are still very much in the hunt. That they can win out and likely get that last wild card spot in the playoffs. I don’t believe it will happen. In a must win situation, the Ravens came out flat. Their secondary is pitiful, their offense fails to start quickly (just 2 TDs in the first half of their last 6 games), and they are all around mediocre.
  • Joe is slumping, or hurting – There was lots of speculation last week as the health of Joe Flacco. He suffered an ankle injury a few weeks back and many thought that his poor performance had to do with the injury. Don’t listen to what John Harbaugh says, he told everyone Ed Reed was fine and then Ed was a scratch for Monday’s game. Joe might be hurting, but regardless his numbers are bad. Three interceptions (tied his career high) against the Packers and just 15-36 with 137 yards. That’s not the Joe I know.
  • Foxworth continues to prove me right – What can I say? I called Domonique Foxworth a $28 million bust before it was cool to call him a bust. He can’t cover, he can’t tackle, and he’s the definition of the Ravens poor 2008 off season and defensive issues. Foxworth is no good.
  • Why are we giving the ball to Willis? – McGahee’s line: 4 carries, -4 yards, touchdown. I don’t know if John Harbaugh listens to talk radio, reads the forums, or the blogs about how fans want to see the three headed monster or not. Hey John, if you’re reading, go with what works. McGahee is on the way out. Why do the Ravens give him the ball in red zone situations? He couldn’t get the job done against Indianapolis on the one yard line and he couldn’t get the job done on the one on Monday against the Packers. Rice does all the work, let him pound it in.
  • Undisciplined. – John Harbaugh was brought into Baltimore for a few reasons. Billick never had an offense, despite being a former coordinator, Billick never followed a good season with another good season, Billick lost control of the locker room and his team was undisciplined. On Monday the Ravens had 12 penalties for 135 yards and Harbaugh’s brother was yelling at refs from the sideline. Get control of team Harbs.