Some quick observations after Marylands 24-21 loss to UConn, as the Terps fall to 2-1.
  • Stefon Diggs got his first TD reception on a weird tip from Marcus Leak (called it). Diggs was simply all over the field (213 total yards). He may find it less roomy out there once the Terps get into conference play, but for now, it’s been really exciting to see him with the football in his hands. He has also gone full-blown Steve Suter; fair catches are for pansies, apparently. His high school buddy Wes Brown looks just as legit, too.
  • This was on the “ACC Network,” which is less of a network and more of a graphics package that appears on your local station. I’m tired of these “networks” that aren’t really networks (looking at you, Longhorn Network). If you’re gonna be money-grabbing and obnoxious, at least get your own channel like the Big Ten. Also the corporate sponsors of the coverage were KISS’ new(!) albumHardee’s and Bojangles’. Seems worth mentioning.
  • For the all crap Maryland and Under Armour take about its uniform schizophrenia, it was refreshing to see the Terps back in the same uniform set from two weeks ago. Loving the white hats and the cleaned up jerseys.
  • In one of the most Maryland football moments of the year, Darin Drakeford made a great strip on UConn’s first series and Perry Hills promptly threw an interception 20 seconds later.
  • Interceptions notwithstanding, Hills is a bawse running the football. Also the announcers for every game he ever plays in will not be able to resist mention he’s a state wrestling champ.
  • Seeing as it was The Edsall Bowl, it was a disappointing that the ACCN couldn’t at least cut to one offensive sign smuggled into Byrd by a nefarious Huskie fan.
  • Overall not a devastating loss for Maryland but it will only get tougher from here. As poor as the offense was in the first half, it’s encouraging that the Terps were able to fight back within a 39-yard completion of winning.