I don’t have much too say other than I feel like I wasted a nice afternoon watching that game.

Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Was it impossible to make adjustments that would have involved covering Brent Celek? I respect the guy, but isn’t a 157 yards a little much. He isn’t that good. Dean Pees needed to do something to slow this guy down. I can’t imagine what Gronk is going to do next week.
  • Why, oh why did Terrell Suggs have to play basketball that day? IF YOU INSIST ON ONLY RUSHING 3 GUYS, THEN BE DAMN SURE YO HAVE SOMEONE CAPABLE OF PROVIDING PRESSURE.
  • Joe Flacco looked “elite” for a quarter, then looked like his old self for the remainder of the game. I don’t understand why the Ravens were not able to muster any offense in the 3rd quarter. The game wouldn’t have been close if not for some determined play by Ray Rice.
  • Justin Tucker kicks ass!
  • I cannot imagine how poorly Bryant McKinnie must have played in the preseason. The line is a wreck, and it starts with having Oher on the left. KO and Harewood are young  and inexperienced. It would be nice to hace solid anchors on the end.
  • The Ravens are going to have to get their shit together for the Patriots. Otherwise, the fans can stop paying attention to them and instead focus on the Orioles.