I hate to say that I wasted 4 hours of my life yesterday, but I did. That loss sucked, and it sucked in so many ways. It sucked mostly because they, Harbs and company, let it slip through their fingers. They were unable to deliver the knockout punch, and as a result they are sitting at 4-2 and 2nd place in the division.

This isn’t about Flacco– I’m sorry. It isn’t. He made a few mistakes, but they weren’t costly. Yes, I am including the 3rd and inches. Flacco put up solid numbers yesterday, and the lack of the running game allowed for the Pats to comfortably drop 8 into coverage on passing downs. Maybe Flacco needs to take more risks. Maybe they need to better game plan for this. While he could have won the game for the Ravens, he sure didn’t lose it for them.

The Not-So Special Teams– Punt coverage sucked for the most part. The return game is pathetic. Kicking out of bounds, really? The Pats had some really solid returns yesterday. Was it Koch out kicking his coverage, or the Ravens playing it safe. Not sure, but at key points the Pats would seem to get solid field position. Then there is the return game. Parmalee taking a return 5 yards deep in the end zone. Carr letting the punt in overtime fall to the ground. Illegal blocks in the back. Rosburg needs to fix this fast.

The Defense wasn’t Great– the difference between a good defense and a great defense is that they would have found a way to close that game out. A 10 point lead in the 4th Quarter should be safe. I know the offense and special teams didn’t help, but a great D shuts Brady down.

Harbs Needs Some Balls– Harbs called a conservative game yesterday. He could have went for the kill by going on the 4th and inches. I have no doubt they would have made it. I think they would have driven the rest of the field and scored. Instead they settled for the punt, and the team ultimately lost.

Good thing Buffalo is coming to town next week!