The Ravens proved once again that 695 is greater than 495.  I guess.  Baltimore locked up a 34-31 victory against the Washington Redskins in week three of the preseason, here are my thoughts on Joe Flacco, the Ravens offensive line, secondary and rookies.

Joe Flacco – He can make you that happiest fan in the world or the most frustrated fan.  Flacco’s inconsistencies are enough to drive you batty.  His pass intercepted for Dante Hall was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen him make in recent memory, but then he threads the needle to Lee Evans in the back of the end zone and all is forgiven.  I’m impressed with Flacco’s pocket presence again, considering how bad the offensive line is, and his chemistry with Lee Evans.  It could be fun to watch those two this season.

The offensive line – Flacco wasn’t given any love by the boys up front last night and the Ravens never felt confident enough to stick with a game plan that featured Ray Rice up the middle, everything was to one side or the other.  New Raven Mark LeVoir and Jah Reid got tossed around and Michael Oher was playing left tackle for some strange reason.  It didn’t look good from the big guys.  Needs more Yanda.

Torrey Smith – As I tweeted during the game, acquiring Lee Evans was huge for the Ravens as they just can’t rely on rookie Torrey Smith to be their number two.  Smith missed a couple balls thrown right to him and he looks uncomfortable in the Ravens offense right now.  For what the team is paying him, I still expect to see him on the field, but the rookie out of Maryland has a lot of growing to do.

Jimmy Smith – The other Smith, Jimmy, looked to make some improvements over his performance last week against the Chiefs.  Jimmy Smith got burned early on a touchdown pass by Santana Moss, but stuck a little closer to receivers as the game went on.  He still needs to learn when to look back at the ball coming instead of playing the receivers.  Good quarterbacks will beat him on that all day.

Overall, my thoughts about this team are relatively the same as last week.  Joe Flacco needs to take the steps to lead this team during big games, but his offensive line needs to be good enough to allow that.  The same remains true after this game.