I loved The Karate Kid when I was young. Who didn’t?

I’m not talking about that lame re-make with Will Smith’s son. I mean the real deal Mr. Miyagi flick from 1984.

What does my love for The Karate Kid have to do with Baltimore sports? Well I’m glad you asked. Last night at the Yard Ralph Macchio, THE one and only Karate Kid, was at Camden Yards for the Orioles 6-3 victory over the Astros.

Macchio tweeted a picture from his seat at the Yard(s) and then later shared an image of the woman in attendance Googling him.

Ralph Macchio, Karate Kid, visits Camden Yards

To be fair to her, I wouldn’t know Macchio was the Karate Kid and I watched that movie like 8,000 times when I was young
Apparently Macchio is on a “ballpark tour,” at least according to his tweets. He was at Citizens Bank Park on July 31, perhaps he’ll be in Pittsburgh tonight. Just a guess.