AFC Playoff Picture - Baltimore Ravens

AFC Playoff Picture prior to Bengals loss to Steelers.

I can’t say I was rooting for the Steelers and Patriots yesterday, but I was definitely cheering against the Bengals and Dolphins. I could never support Pittsburgh and New England.

The Bengals bungled, falling 30-20 to Yinzers, who somehow still find themselves in the AFC playoff picture. Miami edged the Pats, 24-20.

As crazy as it is typing this, the Ravens can actually win the AFC North by winning their remaining three games. I never thought I’d write those words — not this year at least.

After their 3-5 start I counted them out of contention for another division crown. After slipping to 4-6 with their overtime loss in Chicago against the Bears, I thought their playoff hopes were dwindling.

But here we are on December 16, after three home victories against the Jets, Steelers and Vikings with the Ravens controlling their own destiny. It all starts tonight as Baltimore hopes to earn their second road win of 2013 in a matchup against the Lions. The Ravens are six point underdogs.

Should they lose tonight, the Ravens will slide out of that sixth playoff spot in the AFC.

Things don’t get any easier with a home game against the banged up Patriots and a season finale (potentially for the division title) against the Bengals in Cinci.

Image Credit: @RussellStReport