Ravens training camp is dead as we know it, but owner Steve Bisciotti hinted at a few open practices in Annapolis this offseason.Ravens training camp as we know it is dead, but today the team announced details of three open-to-the-public practices this summer.

  • Saturday August 4 at M&T Bank Stadium
  • Sunday August 12 at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis
  • Sunday August 19 at Stevenson University Mustang Stadium in Owings Mills

“We know we can’t duplicate the fan experiences we had at McDaniel College, but these opportunities will give many people an opportunity to get up close and personal outside of our home games,” Ravens president Dick Cass said in the team’s press release.

Thanks for thinking of us three times a year, Mr. Cass.

If you can’t make these three practices, you’re out of luck.  All other practices will be at the Ravens complex in Owings Mills.  Unless you have a super secret special badge, can punch in the 20 digit combination and pass through a retina scanner, you’re not watching a Ravens practice.

In addition to these three practices, John Harbaugh and members of the coaching staff will host the Ravens Football Clinic and Joe Flacco will host a “Passing Academy” with Tyrod Taylor at McDaniel College.

The Ravens also donated $100,000 to help McDaniel finish the construction of their new on-campus stadium.

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  1. This has Harbaugh’s finger prints all over it,,,,,,,thanks for nothing Harbs…………..

  2. The reality is that they should of started doing training camp this way years ago. They have better facilities at castle. Better technology and training rooms. I don’t care to watch drills I’d rather them get their work in and produce on game day. Drills are boring. If you want autographs there are plenty of functions throughout the year tio get one.

    • Yea Corey, and they should charge more for tickets so they can improve the facilities even more, and charge to watch them on tv for the same reason. Maybe you could donate a portion of your pay to help offset the electric bills at the complex. While you’re at it, why not do a fund raiser to help pay Stevie Biscuit’s hair gel expenses.

      The Ravens love fans like you.

    • Not everyone can go to Ravens games like you and I , some people just can’t poney up the money so training camp at Westminster was a great medium for plenty of fans,,,,,,,I still think it was a lousy idea and yea I think Harbaugh had his hand it big time,,,,,,,,,well we are going to see how good harbs really is this year , we are going to really see if he can ‘coach’em up’,,,,,,,my money says ha can’t , but I will still be pulling for them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Ok for one I watch the games on television. The games are on cbs or wbal tv not cable. Number two, ravens fans would rather see the team win on the field then anything else. Yes it sucks for the kids not to be able to go more than three times to see them practice but this is professional sports we are talking about. The only thing that matters is winning. And seriously you hate harbaugh? Two afc championship games. One lucky knocked out pass away from superbowl. Four straight post season appearances. Don’t tell me it was despite him either. They had even better defenses under billick and did not have that much consistency. I guess according to you It’s superbowl or bust right? Go ahead and insert a douchy comment now and how bad ass you are and how weak I am like you do trying to intimidate every other person on here.

    • Corey,

      The fans matter, too. Based on everything you said about all the winning they’ve done, all except for last year, was won with an open, fan friendly training camp at Westminster. So your argument seems counterintuitive.

    • Spy won’t say it but I will , corey is a girls name. Football is a man’s game , go play hop scotch. Billick would have another ring with this team , Harbaugh is a fraud.

  4. I hope the Ravens go all the way this year !..last year was a bummer :(

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