Earlier in the week Jeff Pilson dove into the Ravens-Steelers rivalry with a look back at some of the most memorable games between these two enemies.  To continue our coverage, we asked several Ravens bloggers about their favorite memories between Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

“This rivalry has produced many memorable moments both good and bad but for Ravens fans. But clearly the most unforgettable game for me took place at M&T Bank Stadium on November 26, 2006 when the Ravens defeated the defending Super Bowl Champion Steelers 27-0. In the game the Ravens sacked Ben Roethlisberger nine times while intercepting him twice. The defining moment of the game took place when Bart Scott came in clean off the right side of the Steelers’ offensive line and absolutely destroyed Roethlisberger. I can recall vividly the Steelers QB locking in on a receiver to his left running a slant — a route that was jumped by Terrell Suggs. Seeing Suggs, Roethlisberger pulled the ball back down to reload but instead he was unloaded upon by a truck wearing No. 57.

I hope to see a similar play on Sunday night.”

Tony LombardiRavens24x7.com

“Nothing seems better than the one earlier this seasn when TJ Houshmandzadeh caught the winning TD pass and the look on the Steelers’ fans in the end zone told it all. However, when the Ravens lost to the Steelers early on in their new home at what was then PSI Net Stadium, I recall a Steelers player running untouched to the end zone, only to have Duane Starks catch him from behind and punch the ball from his grasp out of the back of the end zone for a touchback, even though the Ravens lost the game.”

Bruce RaffleBaltimoreBeatdown.com

“My most memorable Ravens-Steelers moment may not be my most favorite, but it’s definitely unforgettable. I’m talking about the 2008 AFC Championship showdown. I still cringe thinking about that game, down to the last minute of the 4th quarter.

The Ravens were the first team in NFL history to have a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback win 2 consecutive playoff games. John Harbaugh was the management change we needed. Joe Flacco became a sensation. The team fought through adversity and the Ravens were Super Bowl-bound. It was like a flash-back of the 2000 season; the Ravens had beat the No. 1 seed Tennessee Titans to advance into the Conference Championship, and eventually go on to win the Super Bowl.

Everything was going right from them… until the Steelers showed up. They already beat the Ravens twice during the season, so it was unimaginable to think they would beat them a third time. But it happened— the Ravens lost 23-14. It was a game that I wish I could forget, but I simply can’t. “

Conoon KimThePurpleChaos.com

“As I’m sure it is for many Ravens fans, my best memory of Pittsburgh-Baltimore is the 2006 sweep. Not only because sweeping the Steelers is obviously awesome, but for other reasons as well. First, the way the Ravens did it: 27-0 and 31-7 for a total season beatdown of 58-7. Absolutely glorious. Second, each game had some nice personal meaning for me. For the home game, my sister brought her then new(ish) boyfriend home from college to watch his first football game with us. My towel-waving now brother-in-law (great guy otherwise) had to sit there and watch B’More beat up on Ben and the Squealers all day long. As if that wasn’t miserable enough for him, when he went out to his car after the game he saw the new addition I had made to it – a nice Calvin pissing on the Steelers logo sticker right in the middle of the back windshield. On top of that, my girlfriend spent the entirety of 2006 living in Pittsburgh and going to Pitt for graduate school. She worked at the library and wore her Ravens jersey on Sundays during shifts. Her reports of some of the nasty looks and comments she got – especially in the wake of 27-0 and 31-7 – well, let’s just say I couldn’t be more proud. I was sitting at a bar while she was in class one day during a visit – must have been about Week 4 of the season – and two mouthbreathing towel-wavers sat next to me and started talking football. I listened and chuckled as one of them was all “DURRRRRR, yeah the Ravens are 4-0, but they suck.” Sure they do, chief.”


“My favorite memory of the Ravens vs.. Pittsburgh series was the 16-0 Baltimore win to open the 2000 season.

In Coach Billick’s Rookie Season (1999) the Defense was just beginning to really assert itself as a power finishing 6th overall in points allowed per game.

The 16-0 shut-out of Pittsburgh to start the next-season was really the announcement that they were going to be a force to be reckoned with. The Steelers were limited to 30 yards rushing (18 attempts), and just 12 first-downs. I think that win (and the win the following week against Jacksonville) went a long way to giving the Ravens the confidence they could play and beat anyone.”

Chris StonerBaltimoresportsandlife.com

What is your favorite Ravens-Steelers memory?