Esquire magazine chatted with Ravens cheerleader Serena B. about Baltimore’s latest win over the defending champion New Orleans Saints.

Serena discussed Ray Rice’s performance, Joe Flacco’s tirade with the referees, her distaste towards Steelers fans and thoughts on the recently single Tony Romo.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

ESQ: Okay, now to the biggest news of the week. Were you saddened to hear that Tony Romo is now off the market?

SER: Romo is a great football player, but he’s not really my type. I’m not jealous by any means. I’m happy for him.

ESQ: So if leading the Cowboys doesn’t impress you, what does?

SER: Confidence is important, but not overconfidence. He needs to be modest. And I think in the long run, someone that’s funny is the best.

Check out Esquire’s full interview with Serena here.