Cowboys have never defeated the Ravens
Image Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Mark my words.

The Dallas Cowboys will never, ever beat the Baltimore Ravens. It’s never going to happen.

Well, at least that’s what history has taught us. ESPN Stats and Info points out that the Cowboys are 0-4 all-time against the Ravens and they are the only team that Dallas has failed to defeat.

Pretty wild.

I’ll never forget when the Ravens closed down old Texas Stadium in 2008 with a 33-24 beating of the Cowboys in a game that was hand selected by owner/general manager (always a good combination) Jerry Jones. The Ravens were picked as the Cowboys final opponent in Texas Stadium because Jones assumed the game would be a nice, easy win for his team.

LeRon McClain and Willis McGahee both rushed for over 100 yards and reached the end zone in that game and the Cowboys closed their old stadium with a loss.

Four years later, the Ravens are still beating them.