Billy Cundiff The shank heard ’round the world isn’t what put former Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl kicker Billy Cundiff on the streets. A poor contract led to the Ravens decision to cut Cundiff.

Baltimore will remember Cundiff as the guy who failed to send the Ravens to overtime in the AFC Championship game against the Patriots when he missed a 32-yard field goal. What they’ll forget is that Cundiff was rushed to the field to attempt the most important kick of his career while head coach John Harbaugh held on to a timeout that could have been used to help his team.

Or they’ll forget that after his first high caliber season, Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens signed the previously inconsistent Cundiff to a 5 year, $15 million deal.

But it’s easy to look like a genius in football, the league of non-guaranteed contracts, when you can cut your losses and forget your mistakes just a year and a half later.

Cutting Cundiff frees up $1.2 million in salary cap space for the Ravens. They’ll roll the dice and rely on a 22-year-old who has only kicked in three fake football games.

Good luck to you, Justin Tucker. The heat is on now, kid.