Sergio Kindle The Sergio Kindle experiment finally came to a conclusion on Monday. The Baltimore Ravens announced that Kindle, the team’s first pick in 2010, was released from the practice squad after being demoted there in late October.

The Ravens selected Kindle in the second round, 43rd overall, after trading their first round pick to the Denver Broncos. With that pick, Denver selected Tim Tebow.

However, if the Ravens would have kept their pick they could have drafted Pro Bowlers Devin McCourty or Rob Gronkowski who were selected by the Patriots 27th and 42nd overall respectively. After Kindle was selected, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and Pats’ tight end Aaron Hernandez were taken in the third and fourth rounds.

It’s easy to say now who the Ravens should have selected with this missed pick and many think it isn’t even a worthwhile argument. But Kindle’s checkered past should have raised a red flag in the Ravens front office.

Unfortunately it didn’t and the Ravens paid the consequences.

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  2. Just one more example of why Ozzie is over-rated , and gets way too many free passes,,,,,,no one can tell me why ………………………

  3. P.S. the results of Ozzie’s drafting is starting to show up as the Ravens lose some of their veteran players,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ozzie has a few hits but way too few to keep this team in contention with the big boys,,,,,,,,,,,,heck they haven’t really been in comtention the past five playoff runs,,,,,,,,,,,,,did anyone really think they were better than the teams that eventualy won the ring,,,,,,,,,,,let’s face it , now that Harbaugh has to coach’em up , this team is really in trouble isn’t it…………………..between Harbs coaching ablilty and the many second round busts that keep growing by Ozzie , it may be a long time before the window is open again………………..

  4. P.S. , this year is a perfect example , does anyone really think this team can win a ring this year,,,,,,,,,,,if you do , I have some swamp land in Florida for sale , just for you…………………..

  5. You’re an idiot. Every team in the league passed on these guys. Non-story. Pitta and Dickson would be amazing if they had Brady throwing them the ball.

    • Ozzie drafted Dickson over Pitta , mistake number one ,,,,,,,,,,,,mistake number two was not taking Kronk , realizing he was head and shoulders above the two he drafted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he went into the draft looking for a tight end and didn’t know the players very well , this was mistake number three,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ozzie is over rated and if you can’t see this , too bad , have some more purple koolaid and toast Ozzie , believe me he should be toast……………………

  6. i second that. idiot. not been a contender? a dropped pass away from the super bowl last year where we could have beaten the giants. you argument is so pointless. why post here? you are obviously not a fam

    • Josh , I’am a fan and know my stuff , Ozzies recent high draft choices have not passed the eye test,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you even know what that means ? Please don’t get me started on his terrible mismanagement of contracts and the salary cap…………………but you probably don’t even know these things exhist , go get some more beer for the game so you don’t have to think about game stategy , or is that one more thing you do not know about ?

  7. I’m going to miss Ol’ Crackhead Kindle.

  8. Thanks………………

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