Ravens fans boo home team
Image Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I haven’t agreed with much that John Harbaugh says or does these days, but I do agree with this.

“We deserved it,” John Harbaugh said of the boos his team received from Baltimore Ravens fans on Sunday. “We’ve got to earn those cheers. It’s up to us.”

He’s exactly right. The Ravens did deserve to be booed.

For whatever reason, fans often break into two different groups when it comes to booing the home team. There are the people that say real fans never boo their favorite team and those that they think they’re entitled to do whatever they want with after purchasing a ticket.

Watching a poorly coached team make the same mistakes for three weeks should make even the most diehard fans boo. I was booing the TV.

But, booing doesn’t help solve any of the Ravens’ problems.

Yeah and neither does keeping Bryant McKinnie in the doghouse. Or not handing the ball to Ray Rice. Or firing your offensive coordinator 14 games into the season.

Fans that boo are often times the most passionate. They’re the ones that are so fed up with seeing the same poor product that they want their voices heard. And now that Baltimore fans can’t even watch their team practice during the summer, the only chance they get to voice their frustrations is at M&T Bank Stadium.

If you’re upset, boo. Just keep rooting for the home town. There’s nothing wrong with it.