Ravens fans exposed to rabiesI’ll take “Headlines I Thought I’d Never Type” for 100, Alex.

If you were in the crowd at M&T Bank Stadium for the Baltimore Ravens preseason home opener against the Lions on August 17, you might have been exposed to rabies. According to NBCWashington.com, a bat “reportedly landed on a person in the stands” and “authorities were unable to capture it for testing.”

So if you were at the Ravens game and were sober enough to remember coming in contact with a bat, you should probably contract The Maryland Department of Health.

NBCWashington.com gives a cool list of tips to avoid being exposed to rabies, including this little gem:

Prevent bats from entering your home. If you find a bat in your home, do not touch it. Only let it go if you are sure no people or household pets have had any contact with it. If it is alive, you can catch it by placing a small box, bowl, or can over the bat once it has landed to roost, and then slide a piece of cardboard under the container to trap the bat inside. Tape the cardboard to the container and contact your local health department or animal control agency.

Seriously, who is catching bats in cardboard boxes?