Baltimore Ravens fans have been calling for Cam Cameron’s job since he became the offensive coordinator in 2008. Today, the team finally dismissed their play-caller.

But let’s not sugar coat this decision. Let’s call it what it is. For the 9-4 Ravens, firing an OC before week 15 after the team scored 28 points on the road and 55 points just two weeks prior, shows serious signs of desperation. They’re clearly concerned about the direction of this team.

To me, this decision has more to do with seeing what Joe Flacco can do without Cam Cameron than getting sick of the same poor play calling. The Ravens can’t properly analyze what to pay Flacco without seeing how he responds to another coordinator.

But let’s not forget, they’re handing the keys to a guy who’s never called plays in his career. I know that Peyton Manning praised Jim Caldwell for his work and time in Indianapolis, but he’s never been an offensive coordinator and he was working with a future Hall of Fame QB during his days with the Colts. Now he’s calling the shots for Joe Flacco.

If you think the Ravens will magically have all of their problems solved against the Broncos next week, I think you’re sorely mistaken. Cam’s firing won’t solve the linebackers’ coverage issues the Ravens have had this year, it won’t keep Ed Reed from cheating out of position or stop the special teams from allowing a 43 yard punt return in overtime.

It’s a desperate move for a team trending in the wrong direction. Hopefully, the mighty men respond.