Baltimore Ravens fans have been calling for Cam Cameron’s job since he became the offensive coordinator in 2008. Today, the team finally dismissed their play-caller.

But let’s not sugar coat this decision. Let’s call it what it is. For the 9-4 Ravens, firing an OC before week 15 after the team scored 28 points on the road and 55 points just two weeks prior, shows serious signs of desperation. They’re clearly concerned about the direction of this team.

To me, this decision has more to do with seeing what Joe Flacco can do without Cam Cameron than getting sick of the same poor play calling. The Ravens can’t properly analyze what to pay Flacco without seeing how he responds to another coordinator.

But let’s not forget, they’re handing the keys to a guy who’s never called plays in his career. I know that Peyton Manning praised Jim Caldwell for his work and time in Indianapolis, but he’s never been an offensive coordinator and he was working with a future Hall of Fame QB during his days with the Colts. Now he’s calling the shots for Joe Flacco.

If you think the Ravens will magically have all of their problems solved against the Broncos next week, I think you’re sorely mistaken. Cam’s firing won’t solve the linebackers’ coverage issues the Ravens have had this year, it won’t keep Ed Reed from cheating out of position or stop the special teams from allowing a 43 yard punt return in overtime.

It’s a desperate move for a team trending in the wrong direction. Hopefully, the mighty men respond.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. As you said it will be good to see how much of Flacco’s issue was with the play calling. I still don’t think he is a top 10 QB and we shouldn’t pay him like one.

  2. Total agree with jarjar , I’ve been saying that for years that Joe isn’t all that and the ravens would be foolish to sign him to a long term deal ,

  3. Hey Snake , what about the O-line , how is that going to be magically fixed ? Now with Yanda hurt it probably will be worse,,,,,,,,,,once again , poor Joe , we still won’t know what you can do , this move shaoul have been made months ago……………..
    both turnovers Sunday were a result of basically unblocked pressure in Joe’s face,,,,,,,,,,by the way , Oher is pitiful………….

  4. The Ravens are emploding. They will not win again this year. However, they could get into the playoffs. That would mean other teams helping the Ravens out. The Ravens will not get past first round of playoffs.

    dumb dumb (Harbaugh) finally saw the light and fired Cam … a problem a long time. Either that or a little bird lit on Harbaugh’s shoulder and gave him the word.
    There will probably be some more heads rolling down the street early next year.


  5. The fact the O line is hurt doesn’t account for the fact Flacco has no god damn idea where he is in the pocket and continually takes sacks for fumbles because of it. What spoke the loudest was the fact Harbs didn’t put the ball in his hands to win the game with 35 seconds left and a time out. Joe said he liked the no huddle lets see what he can do with it. I don’t think much. If you look at his numbers they are about the same as they have been since year 2. The fact he is still the same guy should worry the ravens.

  6. I still say the single biggest problem is the O-line,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I was a Q-back many , many years ago at the very amateur level,,,,,,,,,,,,I called the plays , when I had a decent O-line it was easy but when I had to call pass plays that had to take three seconds or less it hurt big time and when I had to call running plays for a non-athletic line it also hurt the play calling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hey , I didn’t like Cam and think he was part of the problem but the bigger part is the O-line,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The main culprit in this breaakdown is Ozzie and the poor players he has put in the O-line ( do you think Oher is a great Tackle) (do you think Birk shouls still be playing) (do you think Jah reid is the answer) ( so on and so on),,,,,but The great one Ozzie wilol get a free pass , imagine that……………………..

    • Spy said “I was a Q-back many, many years ago at the very amateur level”… Spy, no one cares about your quarterbacking days in the “Dundalk Rec 10-11 Year Old Football League” in 1972 when you played for “Captain Harveys Sub Shop Sailors”. All you ever did was hand-off the ball because no team ever passed the ball. Did you have one of those single bar helmets with most of the foam padding ripped out? Did you get free Dixie Cups of soda at the “Snack Shack” after the game?

      • Very funny , actually I played for several neighborhood teams and could throw a fifty yard pass pretty accurate but my claim to fame was soccer where I did play semi=pro ball……………I was a damn good athlete but that doesn’t make me a better poster on this site , pure common sense does that…………Merry Christmas………………

      • By the way , you hit the helmut right on the head , pun intended…………….

  7. I agree the O line is the problem…lost a good one in Ben Grubbs in free agency,,,the inconsistency in the offense is directly related to the inconsistent O line play…look at Bradys line…that is why he has all day to throw and pick apart defenses…if they get to him one time he is screaming at them ! what if he had Baltimores line…lol…he would be on injured reserve…

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