Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti spoke at length to season ticket holders in a fan forum on Tuesday.  One of the many questions that Bisciotti answered dealt with Baltimore’s potential for hosting a Super Bowl.

The New Meadowlands Stadium, host of the Jets and Giants, won the bid for the 2014 Super Bowl despite being an open air stadium during the coldest part of winter.  “We got to get through this New York one first,” Bisciotti said.  “If they have bad weather, it might never come again.  I’m not thrilled to have it in New York,” he said.  Though it does seem like a bit of a gamble to host a Super Bowl in New York, it opens the potential for other stadiums around the country.  “If it works…we’ll be in line like everyone else.”

Of course, if Baltimore had built a dome that would have never been an issue.  But then again, would we really want to play indoors?