So the Ravens finished their draft of seven picks adding some young playmakers on the defense, added some depth at tight end, and finished up with a “project” offensive tackle. After they finished, many fans asked the question (ok, I did): is that all there is? Did the Ravens miss something in the draft? Are there other needs they could have addressed with their picks?

If the Ravens have needs, I would say they begin in the secondary. I was among many who asked: shouldn’t the team have taken a cornerback in the draft?  On the one hand, they could have landed Kyle Wilson if they had kept their first round pick; but if they don’t make the trade with Denver, they don’t acquire the three draft picks they used to pick Sergio Kindle, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta. I think many fans would agree that cornerback is a position of need, particularly if Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington aren’t ready to go by training camp. To that end, I’m sure the team will bring in some players to fill the spot (and I suppose they may bring Frank Walker back as well).  Another possible need would be free safety. Ed Reed is basically on a season-to-season schedule as to whether he continues to play or not. If his replacement is not on the roster, the team needs to start looking for him.

For that matter, they might want to start looking for Ray Lewis’s successor. Goodness knows, he seems like he might play another ten years, but even he can’t outlast Father Time. Granted you can’t address all of your needs in one draft, but the scouts and front office  need to consider finding replacements for some of the old guard, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. That means finding players that will fit whatever defensive scheme the coaches decide to use going forward.