unveiled their week four NFL Power Rankings on Tuesday and the Baltimore Ravens moved up to fifth after their 37-7 win over the St. Louis Rams.  The Ravens find themselves behind the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Detroit Lions.

“When QB Joe Flacco (389 yards) plays well, the Ravens are as good as anyone,” James Walker wrote.

Apparently, ESPN has bought into the 3-0 Lions hype.  The other 3-0 surprise team, the Buffalo Bills, rank just behind the Ravens at number six moving up ten spots from last week.

I’m surprised to see that the Patriots only moved on spot from last week after their loss in Buffalo, but Walker writes that he doesn’t expect Tom Brady to throw four interceptions every week.  Still, I think the Bills exposed some fatal flaws in that New England team, at least enough to move them down out of the top five.

Baltimore’s week four opponent, the New York Jets, rank seventh and fell four spots after their loss to the Raiders.