Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Ring Lost In Chesapeake Bay

Ravens receptionist Toni Lekas becomes the first employee to lose a Super Bowl ring. Her boyfriend, Chuck Lykes, dropped the ring while docking a party boat in Middle River. Here’s the story as told by Ryan Mink at

Toni went to leave the party at about 8 p.m. and asked to have her ring back. Chuck said a friend was on his way to come see the ring and asked if he could give it back the next day. Admittedly against her better judgment, Toni left it.

The party moved to a pier at the Middle River Yacht Club in Essex, Md., just off Hopkins Creek. (Are you writing this down?)

It was a windy night and as the group tried to dock the boat, it kept pulling away. Somebody called for Chuck, who was about to put the ring away below deck, to grab a rope.

As Chuck pulled the rope, it hooked on the ring on his finger. When the rope tugged, it pulled the ring right off. It flew into the dark night.

Party boat, huh? Nobody ever drinks on those things.

Mink writes that Lykes jumped in the water to search for it and hired a diver, but had no luck recovering the ring. I keep thinking to myself, that’s got to be one hell of an insurance claim.

The player rings are 10-karat white and yellow gold and contain 243 round cut diamonds for a total weight of 380 grams. While I haven’t been able to find an exact cost for each ring, the Giants player rings were valued around $25,000 a piece last season.

Staff rings contain less diamonds, but they’re still the most expensive piece of jewelry most people will ever own. I’ve personally seen the ring given to Ravens personnel, it’s some damn impressive bling.