Position: Inside Linebacker
Height/Weight: 6’1″/250 lbs.
Age: 35/Experience: 15
College: Miami (Fla.)

Analysis: What else can you say about Ray Lewis? He has been one of the best and most respected middle linebackers since he came into the league. He is one of the most feared linebackers of all time. He is a master motivator that brings out the most in his teammates. Simply put, he’s the man. Now, we all know he has lost a step, which is what usually happens when you play in the NFL for 15 years. But what he lacks in speed and quickness, he makes up for with his knowledge of the game.

He always knows where he needs to be on the field in order to make a play and if he doesn’t make the play, he makes it easier for his teammates to. He has been the leader of one of the best and most consistent defensive teams in the past decade-plus and, if he has it his way, that won’t be changing any time soon.

2010 Outlook: For a guy to record 134 tackles in his 14th season is almost unheard of. But the fact that Lewis still keeps himself in excellent physical shape is the difference between becoming washed up and keeping up with the younger, quicker competition. The game has really slowed down for him and he knows exactly what he needs to do in order to continue to be effective. Probably his biggest asset in his intense passion for the game, which is the one thing that has kept him going for as long as he has. He shouldn’t need any extra motivation this season, though, because Ravens are being picked by some experts to go all the way mostly because of their revamped offense. But you can guarantee that Lewis will have his defense playing their butts off every single game. I’m sure Lewis would like at least one last Super Bowl run before he calls it quits, and you better believe he’s going to do everything in his power to achieve just that.

Submitted by Steve Giles