Position: Linebacker
Height/Weight: 6’3″/260 lbs.
Age: 27/Experience: 8
College: Arizona State

Analysis: Suggs didn’t have the season that he was expected to have after signing his $6.3 million extension last July. He came into training camp last season overweight and out of shape, and coincidence or not, it affected his play in the regular season.

He only recorded 4.5 sacks, which was a career low and he wasn’t anywhere near the Suggs we have been accustomed to seeing. He missed three games with a sprained knee after Brady Quinn took a cheap shot at him in Week 10, but came back from that injury with no problem. Even though he didn’t have the greatest season in his career, he did show some signs of the old Suggs against the Patriots in the playoffs. He was disruptive and tenacious, which is something Ravens’ fans would like for him to carry over into 2010.

2010 Outlook: Suggs came into training camp this season 20 pounds slimmer and looks to be keeping good on his promise to never have the type of season he had in 2009. The Ravens need Suggs, bad. Their secondary is becoming depleted with injuries, which puts more emphasis on having a good pass rush. Enter Suggs. He needs to be the disrupting pass-rusher that we all know he can be or the Ravens could end up finishing 18th in the league in sacks like they did in 2009. If he doesn’t, the secondary will be exposed much like they were last season. Right now all signs point to him rebounding in 2010 and having a great season, as long as he can continue to resist Popeye’s fried chicken and cookies. Stay strong, T-Sizzle!

Submitted by Steve Giles